Bathing and Showering in Halachah

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Shabbos, Yom Tov, the Nine Days, and more- May one shower before davening?
- Is a hot shower permitted on Yom Tov?
- Is a cold shower permitted on Shabbos?
- Under what conditions may one shower
during the Nine Days?
- May a shower be used as a substitute
for Tevilas Ezra?
These are just some of the topics discussed in Rabbi
Menachem M. Abramson's
 newest work, Bathing &
Showering in Halachah
. This comprehensive sefer covers all
angles of this fascinating and wide-ranging topic. Each
chapter builds an elaborate edifice about the specific
topic it discusses, beginning with the Gemara and Rishonim
and ending with the most recent works of contemporary
Poskim. All of this is presented coherently, providing
the reader clear halachic guidance as well as a basic
understanding of the fundamental sugya. Extensive
footnotes and appendices are provided for the more
scholarly reader.

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