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This one-volume 596 page work (with an additional 57 page index) by Rabbi Doniel Neustadt is perhaps the most practical sefer on Hilchos Shabbos that is available today.  Rabbi Neustadt has a remarkable track record for writing halacha in a clear and cogent manner.  He also writes in an organized and interesting manner. The work is comprehensive – with 124 chapters perfectly organized so that the reader can easily look up the halacha.  Rav Neustadt cites rulings from the full gamut of Poskim.

HaRav Doniel Neustadt shlit"a, formerly Av Beis Din of the Beis Din Tzedek of Greater Detroit, and presently the Rav of Pine River Village in Lakewood, N.J., is a renowned Rav, Posek, author, and educator. In this work, he brings these varying fields together, presenting a clear, profound study of the very practical aspects of Hilchos Shabbos, illustrated with common, real-life scenarios.

Besides the practical halachos, Rav Neustadt introduces the reader to the very vibrant world of contemporary halachic debate and discussion. The relevance of the issues, the lucid language, and the extensive sources and footnotes, make this work an important and welcome addition to the library of every Jewish home.

This book is a project of Machon Ohr Olam. For more than a decade, Machon Ohr Olam has been dedicated to enriching the world of Halachah among English-speaking Jewry worldwide - in study and in practice - by publishing halachic works in clear English, which bring together profound, in-depth study and practical instruction. The peak of this endeavor is the publication of the translated and elucidated English Mishnah Berurah. The book you now hold originated as a supplement to the Mishnah Berurah, published at the end of each volume. Seeing the enthusiasm for this particular section, with its very contemporary, practical nature, we are proud to present it as a work on its own.

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