The Indisputable Truth

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The Big Picture. The Big Questions. Ultimate Issues. This book addresses them all!

Here it is, the essence of Judaism, at your fingertips, in one convenient volume. The Indisputable Truth is an ideal starting point for all things Jewish. For those in the know, as well as for those who may not know, this is an outstanding resource and point of reference.

This compact guide discusses and explains a wide variety of fundamental issues, topics, concepts, and concerns, relating to Judaism. You name it: proof for the existence of G-d, proof of Torah from Sinai, the world’s religions, what is the Oral Torah, the purpose and meaning of life, the secret of success and true happiness, the meaning of mitzvah observance, the Messiah, life after death, the concept of suffering, age of the universe, evolution, free will, science and Torah, the principles of faith, and much more.

Concise, highly informative, and easy to read, anyone searching for answers to questions that challenge one’s faith will find a wealth of worthwhile reading in this invaluable guide. Regardless of background, age, or religious affiliation, this book is for you – or someone you know.

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