Torah Leadership

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Culling from the ideas, concepts, and strategies of both our holy Torah as well as classical secular works on leadership, Torah Leadership provides you with the resources to successfully lead in professional settings, in your relationships with others, or in attaining your own personal goals.

Whether your leadership roles are formal or informal, this groundbreaking book will give you the tools you need to perform at your best and to fill these roles productively and effectively.

Rabbi Elihu Abbe had the zechus to learn full time for thirteen years, first as a talmid of Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh and then at RIETS (Yeshiva University), where he received semichah. He subsequently earned his MSW from Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work and certificates in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT for Depression, and CBT for Anxiety from the Beck Institute. He has taught Torah and tikkun ha’middos to talmidim of all ages as an elementary school social work intern, high school bekius rebbi and social work intern, yeshiva gedolah shoel u’meishiv, sgan rosh beit midrash, and shul rabbinic intern. He also enjoyed six summers working as a counselor at Morasha Kollel, organizing, caring for the talmidim, and offering guidance. Rabbi Abbe is currently learning remotely in the RIETS Dayanus Kollel and living in Baltimore with his wife, Eliana, and his children, Rochel, Yosef, Ephraim, and Basya.

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