Zera Shimshon on Megillas Rus

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The Classic Torah Commentary of
Rabbi Shimshon Chaim Nachmani
Translated, Annotated, and Elucidated
Bringing the Study of Zera Shimshon to a Whole New Level!Thousands have discovered the beautiful and original Torah thoughts - and the remarkable segulah - of the Zera Shimshon. Now, ArtScroll proudly presents The Zera Shimshon on Megillas Rus.The Zera Shimshon on Megillas Rus includes:

  • The full text of the Zera Shimshon's commentary on Megillas Rus, with an elucidated translation designed to help the reader follow the Zera Shimshon's often-complex ideas.
  • An Introduction to each derush, with explanations to enhance our understanding of the Zera Shimshon's commentary.
  • Explanatory notes that offer more important background material.

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