Between The Drops

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It all began from a box that landed on Leon the Gypsy's head.
Truth of the matter, it actually all began from Count Abraham De Camondo's detailed plan.
No, maybe it all began as a result of Sir Moshe Montefiore visit to Kushta in his attempt to save the Jews of Damascus from a blood libel?

Ovadia and his sister, and their father Chacham Machluf the Melamed, the Sultan Abdül Mecid and his son,

the heir to the throne prince Abdullah and the Vizer Rashid Pasha, the chief officer of the palace guards Hanni and his soldiers, the Jewish palace physician Dr. Perrera, the Chief Rabbi of the city and his guests - Rav Shmuel Salant and Rav Moshe Rivlin-Magid, the palace tutor Professor Alfred, his friend Professor Arthur Wolf and of course Mocca the monkey will supply you the answers in yet another fascinating plot

By: Eli & Gold Comics

Shai Publishing

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