Defiance - A True Story

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Defiance - A True Story

Can one girl’s defiance make a difference?

Young Shula lives in the town of Homyel, USSR, in the 1930s. She knows it’s dangerous to practice Judaism openly. Jews are forbidden to learn Torah or keep Shabbos. What’s more, food is rationed, the Secret Police round up innocent people and send them to prison, and children are sent to work in Siberia.

How will the Shagalov family survive and keep their Jewish observance strong? This is the true story of a brave and resilient young girl. From living in a cramped room in a local shul to traveling to desolate, snowy villages by wagon, join Shula as she defies the odds on a harrowing journey to freedom.

"A fascinating story of intrigue and triumph, peril and deliverance, woven together with the golden thread of sacrifice for Torah and Yiddishkeit. Dramatic and inspiring, this will be a great source of encouragement to all young readers".—Mrs. C. Laufman, Principal, Ateret Torah

"A true heart-gripping story displaying unwavering emunah and determination in the face of adversity. The strength displayed will inspire and live on in the hearts and minds of all readers".—Raisy Lieberman, M.S. Ed., SBL, Director of Education, The New Seminary

"Human and relatable, inspiring and insightful, this is an account of a family’s courage, commitment, and ultimate triumph in the darkness of Stalinist Russia. Highly recommended!" —Batia Taibi, General Studies Principal, Bet Yaakov Orot Sarah High School

By: Rochel Yaffe

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