Eli & Sruly and the Flashes in the Dark - Comic

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Eli & Sruly and the Flashes in the Dark - Comic

The mastermind behind the major terrorist attacks in Argentina strikes again. An evil plot threatens the Jewish community in South Africa.

Eli, Sruly and Roby the Robot find themselves thrust into a hair-raising adventure that takes them through the jungle and into the sea on the other side of the world.

Blinding lights, roaring forest animals, a tiny boat rocking on the waves, and a mysterious signaling flashlight...

Who is Rabbi Ben David?

Will the children manage to save the Jewish community in time?

It's a battle of minds, and time's running out!

Third in the Eli & Sruly series by world-renowned artist Motty Heller, Flashes in the Dark is a fast-paced drama that will knock out your breath until you turn the last page.

By: Motti Heller, Hadas Irenstein

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