Four Seasons with Madame Chamberlaine

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Madame Chamberlaine is always in season!

Runaway bird invading the classroom? Got only half a haircut at the hairdresser? Lost in a massive corn maze? D’accord, mes chéries…Madame Chamberlaine — with her pink-tasseled scarves, tinkly laugh, and mouthwatering homemade desserts — joins sisters Shprintzi and Shuly on one hilarious adventure after another. Follow along as they drive a blaring fire truck on a rescue mission, fly into the sky on a giant trampoline, investigate a creepy crime in snowy Montreal, and more.

Once again, popular author Tzipie Wolner has crafted a collection of upbeat, action-packed escapades that are sure to brighten your day. Four Seasons with Madame Chamberlaine is the fourth book in the wildly popular Madame Chamberlaine series — magnifique!

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