The Jeweled Sword Vol. 4 - Noach Rubin - Comics

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It hardly even made sense. It was so unrealistic. Nobody believed that a stage magician and master of
illusion could offer the British army a brilliant military strategy. Not even Claude, the wounded army major.

While blood and fire swept over Europe, and every day the German army was conquering new territory, and a terrible battle at El Alamein threatened the peace of the Jews in Eretz Yisrael, who thought Maskelyne the Magician and the rabbits he pulled out of his hat could turn things around? Uncle Bunim did.

Together with with the rest of the Resistance fighters, the Margolios boys hear Uncle Bunim's story of the magic box that saved him, and of the amazing talent of the renowned magician. Uncle Bunim is sure it could change the course of history. So unrealistic. But it happened.

Our story is based on a real historical figure, the magician Jasper Maskelyne, whose exploits are described in various war chronicles, and it weaves true historical details into our fictional plot.

Gaze at the golden handle of the cane, and you will see marvels. Give a round of applause to Gorgor, the gorilla of the Underground Resistance. Guess how candy comes out of Ruvy's ear, and what mirrors are doing alongside tanks in the Egyptian desert.

Go ahead - open the cover!

Behind it, a new experience awaits you, for people who like to think while having a great time – a fascinating slice of
history, and above all, the value of pure faith in the One from whom all power and strength flow.

Another book created by comics producer Noach Rubin, the fourth volume in the beloved Jeweled Sword series.

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