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A Path Toward
Inner Healing
In Oros HaTeshuvah (Chapter 3), Rav Kook, zt"l, describes the healing
powers of teshuvah: "A Light of acceptance begins to shine. His eyes
are filled with a holy fire, his heart is entirely immersed in streams of
delight. Holiness and purity hover above him. Infinite love fills his
entire being." It is the light of acceptance that shines from every page
of this marvelous and practical manual of return.
Harav Moshe Weinberger
Mara D'asra, Kehilas Aish Kodesh, Woodmere, NYGiving structure to the chaotic terrain of the soul/body relationship,
this work offers hope to the hopeless and power to the powerless.
To tame the body, to recover its essential foundation hidden under
layers of shame and despair, our author leads us down a path of soft
healing and irreducible hope.
Rav Joey Rosenfeld
Mashpia, The Light RevealedSome books are good reads, some books are enlightening, some
books are eye-opening, some books inspire, while some books cause
us to reach deep down and cleanse our inner selves. Acceptance is all
of the above.
Rav Aryeh Cohen
Mashgiach Ruchani, DRS High School for BoysBy reading and internalizing the words of this book, one will become a
better version of themselves, find healing and growth, and ultimately
live a life that is forward thinking and meaningful.
Dr. Akiva Perlman, LCSW, PhD
Professor, YU Wurzweiler School for Social Work

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