Arise and Aspire - Morning Momentum And Mindful Meditations On Birchos HaShachar

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Arise and Aspire - Morning Momentum And Mindful Meditations On Birchos HaShachar

Birchos Ha’Shachar is the foundation of our daily prayers.

We say them every morning, but have you ever wondered…

…why we thank Hashem for the rooster’s intelligence every morning?

…why we thank Hashem for being Jewish every day?

…why there are separate brachos for men and women?

…why we have two different brachos to appreciate our eyes?

These questions and so many more are addressed in Arise & Aspire, a clear and thought-provoking book written by Mrs. Shira Smiles — a highly sought-after international lecturer who invites you to join her as she presents each brachah of the Birchas ha’Shachar with deeper meaning, showing us how they apply to our daily lives. Uncovering and internalizing the depth and wisdom of these brachos will not only lead the reader to a more inspired prayer, but a more inspired life.

"[This] small book ... will certainly foster greater appreciation of the beauty and profundity of the brachos and more importantly will increase our awareness of the Chasdei Hashem that surround us every second of the day."

Rabbi Yitzchok Breitowitz

"This work will greatly increase one's appreciation and understanding of these blessings and thus enhance one's recital of them daily to be not only lip service but true service of the heart."

Rabbi Zev Leff

"Starting our day with [these defining] brachos will define our lives with the majesty and magic so inherent to our inner world and the universe that Hashem recreates each morning."

Mrs. Chani Juravel

Mrs. Shira Smiles is a world-renowned lecturer and a popular seminary teacher. She is well-known for her unique teaching style which seeks to bring understanding of Torah texts through analysis of relevant sources while making the lessons learned from every verse relevant to her students' lives.

By: Shira Smiles 

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