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Developing the Essential Self

Becoming a giver is our primary task in this world. However, the task is not just about performing more acts of giving. It’s about changing ourselves. It’s about the internal dimension. Our mission in this world is to grow spiritually and prepare ourselves to become vessels to receive the eternal bliss of the next world.


Rabbi Dessler, citing the Rambam, sheds light on this task, noting that one’s position in the World to Come is determined by the degree of inwardness we have attained. What is this inwardness and how do we get there? Hashem created us with powerful tools to activate and utilize toward this end.


In this penetrating work, sequel to the bestselling Afterlife: The Jewish View (Mosaica Press, 2014) and A Path to the Afterlife (Mosaica Press, 2018), Rabbi Sholom Kamenetsky’s teachings are made accessible through the words and descriptions of his student, Jonathan Morgenstern.


“The ideas expressed herein have the power to transform your life…A masterful job…practical and immediately useful. These timeless and fundamental lessons will strengthen and improve your relationship with G-d.”

From the foreword by Rabbi Sholom Kamenetsky


Jonathan Morgenstern is a lawyer and marketing executive in Philadelphia, PA, and student of Rabbi Kamenetsky. He has written two other books about the afterlife and how our lives in this world build eternity. They are entitled Afterlife: The Jewish View and A Path to the Afterlife.

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