Ben Yeshiva - Pathway Of Aliyah

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Ben Yeshiva - Pathway Of Aliyah

Baruch Hashem, our generation has been blessed with an unprecedented surge in limud HaTorah, drawing tens of thousands of young Jewish men into the venerated, rarified atmosphere of the beis medrash. For a talmid entering this world, the transition can be overwhelming; he may not understand what is expected of him, or what he should expect to accomplish.

This sefer has been written to be a talmid's guide. It provides him with "the big picture" of the yeshiva's goals, as well as the ultimate achievements toward which his rebbeim are trying to direct him. When a talmid knows where he's heading and why the journey is worthwhile, he can maximize these precious years and form a solid foundation for a lifetime of growth in Torah.

By: Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky

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