Endless Light: The Ancient Path of the Kabbalah

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Endless Light: The Ancient Path of the Kabbalah

An accessible and engaging study of Jewish spiritual tradition with a touch of self-help, this insightful read will give you a deeper understanding of Kaballah and practical methods for integrating Kabbalistic teachings into daily life.

Drawing on his own experiences as a rabbi and spiritual teacher, David Aaron helps us find the answers to life’s questions as revealed in the Kabbalah, the mystical tradition of Judaism. Unlike other works on the Kabbalah, which are often academic, abstract, and unrelated to our everyday challenges and concerns, Endless Light is a thought-provoking, practical guide that illuminates our path in life.
Rich in personal stories and anecdotes, Endless Light offers a deeper awareness of ourselves, our inner conflicts, and the way we understand and receive life’s bounteous gifts. Drawing upon the profound, timeless teachings of the ancients as well as on his own contemporary insights, Aaron helps truth-seekers of all faiths to enrich their lives, strengthen their faith, and enjoy more meaningful relationships.

By: David Aaron

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