Flipping Houses and Pancakes

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This book is chockful of over 170 delicious and easy-to-prepare kosher recipes straight from my kitchen, bursting with flavor and a splash of humor and irony. But this book has something extra in it. I include loads of kitchen design tips, straight from my brain to yours. People are always asking me, “what do kitchens and cooking have to do with each other?”. My answer to that question is this book. A well-planned and designed kitchen, with attention paid to durability, good work flow, and functionality, will make the process and experience of cooking better. Any kitchen can be made more beautiful and functional, no matter the size or budget. I have seen many professionally-designed, beautiful kitchens that are completely dysfunctional. My kitchens are designed from the perspective of a cook (me!). When I am not designing kitchens and houses or homeschooling my kids, you will probably find me in my kitchen, cooking up a new, experimental recipe or a family favorite. Many of my favorite dishes are included in this book so that you can enjoy them too! The recipes and design tips in this book are great for any cook or kitchen, but also take into account the unique challenges of a kosher home. And as a bonus, I added a behind-the-scenes glimpse into some of our completed house and kitchen renovation projects, because those are always fun to look at and full of ideas. So, grab the book, flip it open and get your food and kitchen makeovers started!

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