Halachic Worldviews

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Direction From Jewish Law"Out Of The Sources Of
Halakhah, A New Worldview
Awaits Formulation."
With this one line, Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik captured
a powerful telos for talmud Torah: to shape our perspective
on the world and its challenges, and to point us in the right
direction to navigate them successfully. Properly understood,
pesukimsugyos, and psakim convey not just what to do to
satisfy the demands of the halachic system, but how to think
about everything we do in life. According to this view, Torah
imparts the ideals and values that Hashem wants us to bring to
bear on society; halachah affords us the opportunity to think
about and reinforce those ideals and values through practice.But while Rav Soloveitchik - and Rav Samson Raphael
Hirsch before him - championed this perspective, there is
still much work that needs to be done to apply it. This sefer
attempts to reveal, in an accessible style, the power and beauty
of this approach, tackling topics such as bris milahberachos,
beis k'nesses/beis midrashhashavas aveidah, and the holidays
of Sukkos and Pesach, to draw out "worldviews" from these
"sources of halachah."

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