Regards from Our Upstairs Neighbors

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Incredible True Stories of Real Visits from the Next World

We all know people who left this world.But did anyone come back?

Perhaps for a last-minute request, a quick final message, or to partake in a loved-one's simchah... Does that really happen?
We've all heard stories of "I saw So-and-so in a dream," but...was that really a visit, or just a result of the dreamer's fervent wishes?

Noting people's fascination with the topic of visits from the Next World and the potential that true accounts may have to strengthen emunah in the afterlife, Rabbi Naftuli Hershkowitz researched the topic.

The results are mind-blowing.

In Regards from Our Upstairs Neighbors, Rabbi Hershkowitz shares his finds. Only stories that were absolutely verifiable and have no other "natural” explanation were included in the book, in addition to conforming to other strict guidelines.

Prepare to be entertained, shocked, and inspired by a most unique collection of powerful regards from Upstairs.

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