Running in Circles

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Running in Circles

Shimon and Gabi Steiner are living a picture-perfect life in small-town U.S.A. - until suddenly, they aren't. Dark rumors swirl around them, and their friends and neighbors suspect them of a terrible misdeed. Shimon decides to move the family to Israel, Gabi's lifelong dream - but nothing is playing out the way she pictured it at all. 

Shimon struggles to acclimate to a foreign culture while discovering that the fears that tormented him back home have pursued him across the world.

Tami, the eldest, is furious at being forced to leave her school and friends behind and will do anything to get back her old life.

Uriel tries unsuccessfully to find his place in yeshivah - until he chances upon a charismatic Rav who speaks to his soul. Torn by his father's disapproval and his own desperate need to fit in, Uriel must make some tough choices.

Shira remains her sunny, easygoing self even after the move - but a few thoughtless words and the appearance of threatening notes are ripping her apart inside.

Gabi watches helplessly as her perfect family disintegrates around her. Can she summon the understanding and courage she needs to support and strengthen her husband and children through this difficult time?

By: Batya Ruddell

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