Software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Halacha - Contemporary halachic issues involving computer software

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Software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Halacha - Contemporary halachic issues involving computer software

This edition delves into the halachic issues associated with AI, as it continues to become more prevalent in fields such as medicine, transportation, finance, and retail. The moral and halachic issues that arise in the field of AI are not simply theoretical but are relevant to all areas where AI is applied.

The industry of software development is one that is extremely complex. Its intricate aspects are understood only by those in the industry and, as such, have led to significant issues which are overlooked by the consumer. Situations very often arise where unbeknownst to the consumer, he is given a product which is ill-suited to his needs. Oftentimes, the vendors themselves are unaware of these issues. These situations lead to some very serious Choshen Mishpat concerns which have not yet been adequately addressed. Additionally, there are a host of other standard industry procedures- some bordering on fraudulent- which raise considerable Halachic concerns.

In this ground-breaking sefer, the author, in consultation with prominent Rabbanim and Dayanim, explores the issues above as well as many other related topics in depth. The author is an experienced software engineer who has successfully designed and marketed cutting edge programs to major corporations. He is also a technology consultant and has advised and helped prominent businesses find solutions to their technological needs. With his years of experience in these fields, he has a vast knowledge and nuanced understanding of everything related to software design, marketing, purchasing and program implementation. As such, he is uniquely qualified to address these points from a variety of angles.

By: Shaul Moshe Alter

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