Speaking to G-d - A personal guide to making Tefillah more meaningful

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Speaking to G-d - A personal guide to making Tefillah more meaningful

Our most important relationship is not with our parents, not with our spouse, not with our siblings nor our children. It is with our Creator. Yet how many of us speak to Him from the heart? Why do our prayers often seem mechanical or meaningless?

Speaking to God, by the late chaplain and innovative Jewish educator, Rabbi Zev Schostak, teaches us to approach God with love and inspiration — the way we always wanted — guiding us toward developing a deeper, more personal approach to prayer. Passionate about prayer, Rabbi Schostak was devoted to demonstrating that tefillah is more than merely reciting prayers — it is the way we speak to God and develop a close relationship with Him.

He lived long enough to perfect his masterpiece, but not to see it published. This book is his legacy to the Jewish People — his gift to us.

“A comprehensive, nearly encyclopedic sourcebook for all who wish to expand their understanding of the Jewish prayer book … [will] enhance and intensify [their] emotional connection to the prayer experience.”

Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

By: Rabbi Zev Schostak

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