Within Reach p/b - כך מגיעים

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Reb Chaim learned a lot beginning at a young age and even had hatzlacha in some areas. The difficulties he encountered were in other area. The focus of this Kach Magi'im is to see how Reb Chaim dealt with his issues and see how much of that we can bring into our lives to deal with our own issues.

Within Reach - 280 pages long - offers instruction, stratagies, and encouraging advice  as it discusses the tools you need to succed.

Among them:

  • How to develop a ratzon (a drive and longing to learn Kol Hatorah Kulah)
  • How to Deal with k'vius, iyun, chazorah; the importance of kesidran (in the order of how it was written)
  • How to overcome obstacles along the way
  • making you plans real by loging them (log book sold separately)

Within Reach Kach Magiim [Paperback]
Shrinking the Distance to Kol Hatorah Kulah - for everyone!
By: Shlomo Meyer

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