Anything is Possible

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Anything is Possible

Zayde Mendel is determined to bake shmurah matzah, even though it’s during the World War II and there’s no wheat for sale. His clever and loyal wife, Bubba Hinda, is just as determined. Together, this extraordinary couple proves that “With Hashem’s help, anything is possible!” This story is based on true events in the lives of Zayde Mendel and Bubbe Hinda Deitsch, real people who lived the former Soviet Union not very long ago. In 1941, they left almost everything behind to escape the war by traveling east to Samarkand, later settling in Tashkent. Even in the most difficult circumstances, they devoted their lives to learning Torah, performing mitzvos, and helping others. Although Bubbe Hinda did barter for wheat during hard times, the events and conversations in this story are fictional.

By: Rochel Sandman

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