Beacons of Light- Tales of Tzaddikim - Volume 1

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Before you is a selection of beautifully illustrated tales of
tzaddikim, describing various junctures in the lives of
gedolim throughout the centuries.These stories depict but a sliver of their greatness,
providing us with a mere glimpse of their holiness. With
their incredible wisdom, our leaders throughout the ages
understood just how to lead their flock, leaving their mark
to this very day.The actions of our gedolim serve as a beacon of light for all
times, paving a road of holiness and purity for us to follow.
By treading in their giant footsteps, we know just how to
stride in every circumstance that comes our way.The Chazon Ish teaches, that the best way to capture the
hearts of the youth and teach children mussar is through
stories of tzaddikim. This book magnificently describes
anecdotes from the lives of gedolei Yisrael, lighting the way
for us to follow their lead.

Author: Gold (David Goldschmidt)

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