Boiling Iceberg - Comic

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Boiling Iceberg - Comic

Dolphins, a hungry Polar bear, a volcanic eruption, tephra, ancient turf homes, and Northern Lights burning in the sky are some of the wonders that Yishai encounters during his short but adventure-filled stop in Iceland.

An emergency landing forces Yishai Lifshitz and his father to spend Shabbos in Iceland - far from their original destination.

Iceland, an island country in the North Atlantic Ocean, should have been freezing cold due to its proximity to the North Pole, and yet the weather near the ocean is mild and pleasant. How?

The story takes place in Av of 5732, just before Shemitah is to begin.

"Someone who is on his way to do a mitzvah cannot be harmed."

"Every delay is for our benefit."

How? Why? Join Yishai as he learns these lessons and more in Burning Iceberg.

By: E. Eichler, Deena Weinberg

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