BY High - Volume 3 - Going Home

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BY High - Volume 3 - Going Home

Going their separate ways…

For the three girls boarding in the Baums’ basement, Pesach vacation means more than a well-earned break from schoolwork. Pesach also means – going home.
Tamar can’t wait to get back to Kedzie. She misses the youngsters in her Shabbos group and helping her rabbi father run his shul. But it doesn’t take her long to discover that anticipation often bears little relation to reality…

Disappointment lies in store for Elisheva, too. For months, she’s longed for a taste of the privacy and comfort she left behind in South Africa. But a phone call from her parents soon turns those dreams into ashes…

For Rochel, the prospect of going home is definitely less than thrilling. She’s never made the effort to grow closer to her stepfather and his children, and she’s not about to start now. It takes the unexpected to teach the girls how to value what is precious in their lives, and that beyond disappointment and disillusion can lie happier beginnings.

By: Miriam Dombey

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