Fishy Business

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Fishy Business

“They look dark,” Donny said, peering down one of the tunnels. “Do you think they’ve been here this whole time?” “I don’t know,” said Vivi, “but I sure want to go down one of them!” 

Eight-and-a-half-year-old twins Donny and Vivi are visiting their grandparents for the summer, and they can’t wait to explore. It doesn’t take long before Vivi stumbles into a secret hole in the wall, leading the twins to a hidden room full of random objects. But the suspense builds when they find the tunnels.

What secrets do the tunnels hold, and where do they lead? Get ready to solve some fishy business in this delightful mystery, the first in the new Tunnel Keepers series by popular author J. S. Wolin.

By: J. S. Wolin

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