Go for the Gold

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Go for the Gold

Out picking berries for their mother one day, Avraham and Esther Katz are horrified to witness a train robbery taking place, with two bandits stealing the neighboring Sioux Indians' gold! Little do they realize that this is only the beginning of a dangerous and frightening adventure for them and their family...

Angry with the white men who have stolen their gold, the Sioux prepare an attack. Mr. and Mrs. Katz send Avraham and Esther to their grandparents in Delmar Springs so that at least the children will be safe.

But how safe can Avraham and Esther be in a village housing bandits who will stop at nothing to ensure that their stolen goods remain in their hands?

A thrilling, goosebump-inducing historical fiction book, written in comics form by popular author Bracha Rosman, Go for the Gold (originally serialized in Mishpacha Junior) will have readers glued to the pages until the very last, satisfying scene!

By: Bracha Rosman

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