Invisible Izzy

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Invisible Izzy

First you see him, then you don’t... 

Eleven-year-old Izzy Sharf is a master inventor whose amazing brain is always whirring with new ideas. It’s too bad his teachers aren’t so impressed with all the class disturbances his inventions cause. But luckily for Izzy, the science fair is coming up, and he hopes his invisible suit will win first prize. 

But things don’t go exactly as expected. The fair might not be as innocent as it seems, and not everyone can be trusted. Who is after Izzy’s invention? And to what lengths would someone go to steal it?

Join the sometimes-invisible-but-always-brilliant Izzy in this fantastical adventure packed with humor, intrigue, and incredible invention

By: Hadassah Levine, Rochel Levine

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