Let's Go on Mivtzoim

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Let's Go on Mivtzoim

Mivtzoim, the Rebbe’s Mitzvah Campaigns, represent the ultimate in Ahavas Yisroel and encapsulate what Chabad is all about.The rhyming text and cheerful illustrations of Let’s Go on Mivtzoim let your child to ride along as a Tatty takes his son and daughter to meet a wide variety of people and introduce them to the beauty of performing mitzvos.“When a mitzvah is new to our fellow Jew,We reach out and make sure they know what to do.”The back of the book lists the original ten Mivtzoim, seasonal yom tov Mivtzoim,  as well those added over time.  The perfect way for young children to understand and appreciate going on Mivtzoim, just as the Rebbe would want them to!  An important title for every preschool classroom and home.

Published by Hachai Publishing for Tzivos Hashem

By: Levy Hodakov

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