Return of the V.I.P.

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Return of the V.I.P.

“Listen, everyone’s a little afraid of heights, but you can’t go through life being scared. The
only way to beat it is to try.”

Thirteen-year-old Yitzy Blackton is back! A new boy just moved to town, and the class bully
starts up with him. Yitzy can’t stop himself from jumping into the action, and his temper gets him into big trouble. And that’s just the beginning. There are more problems in store when a boy with special needs is in serious danger and Yitzy has to conquer his greatest fear to help him out.
Yehuda Cahn, popular author of VIP and Ezra’s Secret, has crafted another winner. Get
ready for Yitzy’s latest jam-packed adventure as he struggles with gymnastics, joins a search and rescue team — and returns as a VIP.

By: Yehuda Cahn

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