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An exciting challenge for the whole family that will let you see life as you’ve never seen it before!

Based on the method of the great Mashgiach, HaGaon Rav Dov Yaffe zt”l, this book gives a deeper view of the world around us. You’ll come face to face with familiar scenes from your daily life. Whether it’s a busy street or a shul, a house or a hiking trip, each scenario shows what spiritual lessons you can learn from everything that comes your way.

A magnifying glass on each page lists the ideas that are hinted to in the illustration. Use your imagination and think deeper to find the connection. If you need help, flip to the back of the book, where the answers are given and developed further.

Get ready for a fascinating journey through life that will give you loads of insight and a brand new perspective on everyday events!

BY: Mayer Lamberski

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