Space Battle

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Space Battle

The Comic!

Adapted From The Bestselling Novel By Shmuel Argaman

Dear Children,

Elya Kogan, a Russian Jewish scientist who grew up cut off from any ties to yiddishkeit, is on the verge of completing the development of a secret weapon. And since it can be operated from space, it has the potential to change the world - and not necessarily for the better. Elya sets out on his way to the Russian space station, Salyut, from which the final experiments in the ambitious plan will be carried out. However, when the Americans are apprised of the capability of the space station and the security threat it poses, everything starts to go wrong...

Or does it?

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and discover the answer for yourself...

This adventure is full of suspense and humor as well as the valuable messages of emunah, bitachon, and recognizing hashgachah pratis!


Tenth in an exciting series of comics for children and teens based on the suspense novels of Shmuel Argaman, the bestselling author from Eretz Yisrael. 

By: M. Safra

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