Sparks of Greatness - Comics

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Torah & Tefilla Stories of Our GedolimThe lessons of our Chachomim come to life like never before,
in this captivating release from Chazak publications.Under the direction of Yonasan Schwartz
and delightfully illustrated by Hadassah Lengler,
this book by Tzai R. Pensky will be hard to put down.This book follows the style of other books in the series,
with a specific focus on stories about Torah and TefillaTake a look inside to learn about...• The wartime Chiddush of the Rogatchover Gaon• The exotic bid that Rav Akiva Eiger davened for• The Ahavas Habriyos of the Chazon Ish• The Ahavas HaTorah of the Ridvaz• How the life of the Tepliker Gaon was spared• The Honesty of Rav Moshe Idan

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