Tales out of Middos Town - Mr. Same'ach & Mr. Kvetch - Book 2

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Mr. Samei'ach and Mr. Kvetch have two totally different outlooks on life. Mr. Samei'ach loves to look at the bright side of things, at all that's wonderful in the world, while Mr. Kvetch...always has something to kvetch about.

But constant complaining, Mr. Kvetch soon realizes, means losing out on so much. Does he really want to spend each day like this, moaning and groaning about everything? Or can he somehow learn how to stop kvetching so that he, too, can always be happy?

Tales out of Middos Town
 is a series of middos read-along book-and-CDs for children. Each adorable story is accompanied by bright and cheerful illustrations and catchy songs on the CD, providing an ideal way to ingrain good middos in our little ones!

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