The Feeling Friends - Vol. 2 - Comic

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The Feeling Friends - Vol. 2 - Comic

A group of friendly animals who learn to deal
successfully with social and emotional challenges.

As they follow the friendly animals' struggles and learning experiences, young readers acquire tools for handling social pressures and developing their own characters.

Benny Bunny joins his friends in a rowing competition, determined to be the winner at all costs. Can he learn how to be a good loser too?

Foxy the Fox insults Teddy time and again.
How will Teddy react to the insults? Will he learn to regain his trust in himself?

Benny Bunny made Eli mad. Follow Eli to see how he learns not to keep his anger
bottled up inside.

Teddy is sad. He failed the test, and now his friends won't let him join the fun. See how Teddy learns to share his pain and let the
sadness go.

This book with its friendly cast of characters will teach readers to believe in themselves, and to view themselves and others in a positive light.

By: Devorah Benedict, Deena Weinberg

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