The Impossible Project

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The Impossible Project

“This project is awful,” Hindy said. “But why?” Rina asked. “More work is just your cup of tea.” “You wouldn’t get it.” Rina looked at Hindy’s sad expression. “Try me.”
Rina Hirschman loves gymnastics, art, and piano. Basically, anything creative is just up her alley. School? Not so much. It’s a good thing brainy Hindy Adler is her best friend and study partner.
Hindy is always in style and looks just right, but she has her own worries. Her fantastic grandparents come to every birthday party and school production, but how embarrassing that they’re not frum!
It all comes to a head when their principal introduces the special Finding Her Footpath project. How on earth will Rina add more homework to her already overwhelming schedule? And how in the world will Hindy find a role model ancestor when hers weren’t frum? It’s an impossible project! Enter Rina and Hindy’s world in this compelling novel by Devorah Talia Gordon, as they each find their own way to make the impossible possible.

By: Devorah Talia Gordon

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