The Tryouts

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The Tryouts

A real choir? She couldn’t believe it. She just had to join. Everyone thinks it’s super cool that Shira, the new girl in class 5B, sang in a girls’ choir before she moved to Flatbush. Especially Rikki Alter, who has always dreamed of being in a choir. 

And then comes the announcement: Rikki’s favorite singer is planning to start a choir at her school. Her dream will finally come true. Of course, Rikki and her friends will audition and get in, right?

In The Tryouts, first in a delightful new series by Ariella Lowenstein, the girls navigate friendships, contend with hurtful comments, and deal with disappointment. Join Rikki, Huvie, Shira, and their classmates as they try to sing in perfect harmony

By: Ariella Lowenstein

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