Titanic 5

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The "Unsinkable" Moshe Wallis
Rides the waves to the Holy Land
TITANIC 5 is the fifth volume in the
series that weaves together the story of
the Titanic, the legendary "unsinkable"
ship, with the tale of Moshe, a poor village
boy who moves to the big city and gets
swept up by his dizzying financial success.In this volume, Rav Moshe Wallis has
relocated to the shores of America. He
is saved from a vengeful villain and
then tries to transplant his yeshivah and
family to the shores of British-controlled
Eretz Yisrael. Will they get in? How does
incredible hashgachah pratis right the
wrongs of the distant past?Follow the guiding hand of Hashem
in Titanic 5!

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