What A Story! - for Children

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Kids love amazing stories. Here are twenty of them. Told by a great storyteller!

  • Ovadiah was being bullied by other kids. Want to read how someone helped him deal with the bullies ... and helped him become one of the greatest rabbis of his generation?!
  • Are you curious to learn about how a person did an enormous chesed ... with a few pairs of socks?!
  • Do you believe a child's dream can change the world? This boy’s dream ... did!

Wouldn't it be great to read a fantastic story that also shows you how to become a happier and better person? Do you wish you could be surprised, excited, and have some just-plain-fun reading? No problem - simply open the pages of this book, by the famous and beloved storyteller, Rabbi Yechiel Spero. Enjoy the terrific stories and beautiful pictures. And get ready to shout, "What a story!" when you finish reading each and every one of these twenty unforgettable tales.

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