Who Is Coby Dubin?

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Who Is Coby Dubin?

Something is very wrong, but no one is talking about it...

Coby Dubin finds sitting behind a desk at school impossible. He wakes up late, daydreams through class, and is constantly cracking jokes and getting sent to the principal’s office. And if that isn’t bad enough, unbelievably, the Russians take over the state of California!

Things start going downhill fast, with terrifying rumors, strange new school books, and sudden food shortages. And when his parents disappear, Coby knows his life will never be the same. Can Coby overcome his challenges in this strange new world?

Master storyteller Dina Neuman takes us on a chilling adventure through tunnels and fires, betrayal and deception. Join Coby in his struggle against sinister forces that threaten to destroy his family, his home, and his soul.

By: Dina Neuman

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