Taryag Kids and the Underwater Adventure - USB/Car Stick

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Taryag Kids and the Underwater Adventure - USB/Car Stick

This incredible comic audiobook is packed with a wide array of entertaining voice characters and dramatic sound effects that brings the Taryag Kids to life! Produced by Yehuda Bromberg of YB Productions, the story is filled with excitement and drama that will keep kids (and even adults!) entertained for hours as they listen over and over and are drawn into the exciting, educational and inspiring world of the Taryag Kids. Purchase the comic book as well to allow your ears AND eyes to dive deep into the underwater adventure for an experience you'll never forget or tire of!

Meet Tanchum, Reuven, Yisrael and Gadi. They’re best friends. Just four ordinary boys. Except when things become...extraordinary! There is danger, excitement, laughter, and Torah lessons, when a simple mitzvah of bikur cholim sends the Taryag Kids on a breathtaking undersea adventure!

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