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“It’s the truth.”

In their family, it was more than a statement. It was the final, unassailable argument. You weren’t a man — you weren’t a whole person — if you couldn’t face the truth.
Find the truth and you’d found the heart of every matter.

In a castle in southern Italy, a young nobleman with piercing blue eyes and an enchanting smile is a truth seeker. Ovadya the Ger leaves his loving family, his familiar home, to fulfill his hopes and dreams: to learn and live among his Jewish brethren. He meets many kindhearted Jews, but not everyone is as pious as they appear. And constant threats from Crusaders put him in peril.

Best-selling author Henye Meyer has once again crafted a spectacular historical masterpiece as she expertly recreates life in early-twelfth-century Europe and Asia —from the winding alleyways of Aleppo to the solemn batei
midrash of Baghdad. Join Ovadya on his search for truth and redemption, and his quest to find his place among the Jewish nation.

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