2000 Years of Jewish History - Coffee Table Ed.

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R' Chaim SchlossSKU: 210000005060   | ISBN: 9781583302149

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Hold a large piece of Jewish history in your hand -- with this monumental volume.

An eminently readable, historically precise account of Jewish history from the destruction of the Second Temple until the Twentieth Century, this book is the first of its kind. The author, a renowned educator and historian, accurately and vividly transcribes historical events from a Torah point-of-view, a rarity in many other historical accounts.

This beautiful, large-format book, replete with maps, photographs, timelines, and marginal paraphrasing, includes many biographies of Torah personalities throughout the eras, in addition to historic detail. With drama and flair, the author truly revives the past two thousand years for us to examine, experience, and learn from. A magnificent Bar Mitzvah gift or for any occasion and a welcome addition to every library.

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