48 - Nachman Seltzer

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True stories of people who brought the 48 ways of Torah wisdom into their lives

The Sages give us 48 ways to make Torah a part of us.

Jews throughout the ages have found unique ways to incorporate those 48 ways into their lives.

Master storyteller Rabbi Nachman Seltzer shares some of these amazing stories with us.

  • A youngster pulls a prank, and foils a kidnapping...
  • With a voice like hers, she could have been world famous, but she chose a rebbe's blessing instead...
  • He came to cut a million-dollar hi-tech deal, and ended up learning a lesson or two in a Bnei Brak cheder classroom...

In 48, a book as unusual as its title, Rabbi Nachman Seltzer examines the 48 ways to acquire Torah, and then uses his much-beloved, trademark true stories to show how ordinary people - like you and me - can take each of these 48 ways and make them a part of their lives.

"Seltzer stories," with their amazing plot twists and surprise endings, are always a delight, but here they are also lights to guide us, step by step, as we incorporate Torah into our days. Inspiration and entertainment in one great read - what could be better?

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