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A Cappela Soul Vol. 1 CD featuring Ari Goldag, Sheves Achim, Sheves Chavreim and special guest Moshe Dov Goldwag. Over the last few years, Ari Goldwag has released a number of A Capella singles which have garnered much interest during the sefirah season. Now, he is set to release a very special A Capella album featuring thirteen songs, ten of which have never before been released in the A capella format. The album includes a number of big hits from the albums Sheves Achim and Sheves Chaverim, as well as songs from Ari’s own albums. Both Sheves Chaverim and Sheves Achim will appear on the album, as well as special appearances by Goldwag’s son, Moshe Dov.

Track Listing

1. Naya Niggun

2. Mi She’ana

3. Sha’arei Shamayim

4. Ki Nicham

5. Finally Here

6. Kah Ribon

7. Ki Ailecha

8. The Artist

9. Kel Adon

10. Superman

11. Ogil

12. Aleinu

13. Hashem Loves you

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