A Chanukah Story for Night Number Three - Hachai

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This beloved tale of a very special Chanukah birthday is back – with all new, full-color illustrations!

Re-released with new illustrations!

In this humorous rhyming story, a young boy named Matisyohu Dov Ber Chaim Tzvi dreams of making something far more exciting than plain birthday cake for his Chanukah birthday!  He’s determined to make the world’s biggest potato latke, all for himself.

Matisyohu’s wacky adventure involves six hundred and nine potatoes, a cement mixing truck, a dump truck and the kitchen at the local hospital.

Along the way, the birthday boy realizes that sharing with others and cheering them up is really the greatest way to celebrate.

Just in time for Chanukah, this timeless classic will make a great Chanukah gift for a new generation of children and parents!

Delicious latke recipe included.

Written by Dina Rosenfeld, Illustrated by Vasilisa Romanenko and Vitaliy Romanenko

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