A Deeper Look - Sefer Yehoshua

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Whether one is learning the Prophets for the first time or the hundredth time, in a 10-minute-a-day “Perek Yomi” style or in an in-depth comprehensive fashion, A Deeper Look can add much insight and meaning to one's study — providing illuminating sources, penetrating analyses, and much more.


“A ben Torah who is attempting to study Tanach on his own will
either find works that offer a myriad of pirushim (commentaries) on each
point but no comprehensive thematic overview; or works that give
thematic and structural overviews, but seem to be the product of the
author’s sense of things, with no basis in Chazal (our Sages) or
Rishonim (early commentators). This presents no small dilemma for the
ben Torah seeking to study Tanach. Rabbi Stohl… bridges this gap. [His
commentary] is thematic in nature and looks at the big picture, while
finding his source in Chazal and other works of the great teachers.”

RAV AHRON LOPIANSKY SHLITA Rosh HaYeshivah, Yeshiva of Greater Washington

“The mechaber (author) makes extensive use of a wide range of traditional mekoros (sources) — Chazal, Rishonim, Gedolei Acharonim, Parshanim — alongside the works of more contemporary talmidei chachomim (Torah scholars) … It is evident throughout that the author’s methodological approach is fueled by ahavas haTorah
(love of Torah), a sense of humility, a feeling of wonderment about the
depth and grandeur of Torah, and especially a deep reverence — yiras Shamayim... It is a work that truly reflects that yiraso kodemes l’chochmaso (his fear of Heaven precedes his wisdom), notwithstanding considerable chochmah (wisdom).”

RAV MICHAEL ROSENSWEIG SHLITA Rosh Yeshivah & Rosh Kollel, Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan

“I have known Rabbi Raphael Stohl for many years. He is a young accomplished talmid chachom who has taught many talmidim
(students) over the years… Although the book is small in size, it is
big in content… His extensive notes provide additional analysis and
excellent references so that one can delve into Sefer Yehoshua at an
even higher level. This is an important work, and I feel confident that
the reader will derive much benefit from it.”

RAV SHIMON KRASNER SHLITA Author, Nachalas Shimon on Sifrei Nach

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