A Legacy of Torah

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Insights on the Weekly Parashah by Sephardic Hachamim

How do you convey the wise teachings of our Sephardic hachamim in a way that the modern reader will find in them meaning, relevance, and inspiration? Through the same methods that the hachamim themselves used: engaging parables that illustrate profound Torah concepts. 

That is why you will find A Legacy of Torah, a fascinating book of insights on the weekly parashah from our Sephardic hachamim, to be replete with stories and parables that demonstrate thought-provoking ideas and life-altering lessons. 

Discover new perspectives on the weekly Torah portion as you unravel the rich tapestry of the Sephardic heritage, and as you absorb the teachings of Torah leaders such as the Hida, the Ben Ish Hai, Hacham Ovadia Yosef, and many others, all chief links in the chain of our legacy. 

The Sephardic Legacy Series Institute was founded in 2007 by Yehuda Azoulay for the purpose of educating and inspiring Sephardic Jews through knowledge about their heritage. One of the Institute's current points of focus is the lives and legacies of leading Sephardic sages. The Institute has already published several volumes of extensively-researched biographies, documenting the history and teachings of the spiritual pillars of Sephardic Jewry, preserving this crucial aspect of Sephardic history and allowing contemporary Jews to draw inspiration from these extraordinary figures. A Legacy of Torah is the latest book in the Sephardic Legacy Series.

by Rabbi Shai Cabessa in collaboration with Yehuda Azoulay

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