Alenu Leshabeach - An In-Depth Look

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עלינו לשבח [paperback]

An in-depth look at the crowning praise of our daily prayers

Oftentimes, there is a treasure right under our noses unbeknownst to us. The lofty praise of Alenu Leshabe’ah, recited at the conclusion of each of the three daily prayers, is one such treasure. In the words of the Rav Hai Gaon, “There is no praise like the Alenu prayer. It rises above all other praises, and it includes all the fundamentals and foundations of emunah.”The depth, message and meaning of Alenu are timeless and poignant. It is an ode to the Creator of the Universe, and a celebration of the uniqueness of the Chosen Nation. If one but scratches the service of this glorious praise, he sees so many of the basic fundamentals of our identity.

This work is itself a product of the strength and resiliency of our people. The ideas presented in this book were formulated as a series of classes delivered remotely during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It remains a testament to our indomitable spirit that, despite the chaotic turmoil that reigned during those frightening months, so many remained intent on learning as much Torah as they could at the highest level possible.

By: Rabbi Joey Mizrahi

Publisher: Shoresh / Sephardic Press

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